Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Um like Welcome and Stuff

Welcome! Welcome!
So today as I was trolling through PeopleofWalmart.com I realized just how sick and twisted I was. I mean who actually searches out these sick and weird people on the net. As I sent off different pictures to numerous friends and receive back LOL - I realized that I was not alone out there.
I also realized that just people were not enough, we were always finding stuff to give us the creeps. So out came our brain child "Just Plain Scary". We figure that someone has to read it even if it is just us.
So read it or don't we really don't care (reverse psychology works every time). Submit stuff to us at jpsdotcom@gmail.com - we can't send you a cool t-shirt or a book but we will heart you forever... or atleast the day.

<3 U

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