Sunday, September 26, 2010

You left the house in that?

You know I don't pretend to know fashion, heck some things I wear I could feature on here. But no matter what I am doing I refuse to leave the house in certain "styles":

These all seem a little scary to me.

At no time shall you leave the house in your underwear. Being drunk and wearing a jacket does not make it acceptable.

Please oh please god tell me you did not actually purchase this outfit.

You know it is bad when your friend is using your pink jacket and purse to hide his face in an effort to avoid being seen with you.

The Road Warrior reunion had a big turn-out this year.

This just disturbs me in so many ways but I guess my biggest question is what happened to it's other boob? 

OMG Where to start. First someone should use the turkey purse to slap you both. I am glad that this photo was taken from the front because I am pretty sure if it was taken from the back we would see your whole butt. If you are going to smoke weed that is your choice but avoid advertising it. Face paint is bad enough on your face but did you have to put it on your belly. Seriously a bikini top? - because it is clear your not wearing any bottoms. Next time a little less advertising and you may avoid getting pregnant.

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